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Three Types Of Pressure Relief Seat Cushions For Wheelchairs - ProHeal-Products

Three Types Of Pressure Relief Seat Cushions For Wheelchairs

Wheelchair cushions are essential for pressure relief and comfort. They can help reduce pressure sores, prevent muscle strain, and protect against sciatica pain for wheelchair users. There are three main types of pressure relief seat cushions for wheelchairs: foam cushions, gel-infused foam cushions, and alternating pressure cushions. Each type offers pressure relief and comfort but differs in its unique features. In this blog, we will explore the pros and cons of each seat cushion for wheelchairs.


Foam Wheelchair Cushion

A foam cushion helps relieve sciatica and tailbone pain and provides a comfortable seating experience. The foam material used is also supportive and can be adjusted according to the level of pressure required by the user. There are different types of cushions, wedge, pommel, and coccyx which you can read about here.


Gel-Infused Seat Cushion

The gel pressure relief cushion is also an excellent option for sciatica and back pain patients. This type of wheelchair cushion uses a particular type of foam that is infused with gel, providing pressure relief and improved comfort. The gel bladders promote a cool seating environment and provide greater comfort and support.


Alternating Pressure Seat Cushion

The alternating pressure seat cushion is designed to relieve pressure sores that can occur due to prolonged pressure on certain body areas. These bed sores, as they are referred to, are usually experienced by people who are immobile or bedridden. This type of wheelchair cushion uses an air pump system that alternates pressure between different points to prevent pressure sores. The air pump system can be adjusted according to the user's needs, and pressure relief can range in multiple cycles.



Overall, these three types of wheelchair cushions are great options for those struggling with pain in the back or buttocks. Each cushion type has unique features that provide pressure relief and comfort, making them an excellent option for managing pressure points and sciatica pain. Whether you're looking for sciatica pain relief, comfort, or sores relief, one of these pressure relief seat cushions for wheelchairs can provide the solution you need.





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