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The Foam Hospital Bed For Pressure Redistribution Rundown - ProHeal-Products

The Foam Hospital Bed For Pressure Redistribution Rundown

Keeping patients comfortable and safe while they recover or are bedridden is a top priority for healthcare professionals. An individual who spends extended periods of stationery in bed is prone to developing bed sores that result from prolonged pressure. One way to prevent and treat pressure sores is by using a specially made foam mattress which provides additional support and comfort to help prevent bed sores, reduce pressure points, improve blood circulation, and keep patients cool. These mattresses can be used in any medical setting with concerns about patient safety.


In this blog post, we will discuss the different types of pressure redistribution foam mattresses, such as gel mattresses for hospital beds, multi-tiered foam mattresses, and bariatric mattress toppers, and give you, the reader, a broad understanding of the products that can help you.


Foam Mattress for Pressure Redistribution

This foam mattress is designed to distribute a patient's weight and reduce pressure points evenly. It is made from high-density foam, providing support and comfort. The mattress also helps regulate temperature and provides excellent airflow. The mattress helps reduce bed sores and assists in the healing process.


Multi-tiered Foam Mattress for Pressure Redistribution

This mattress is designed to provide added support and comfort while still evenly distributing weight. These bed sore pads' torso and head sections are crafted from high-density and resilient die-cut foam, and its heel section with open-cell memory foam provides a higher level of relief. These mattresses reduce bed sores, improve circulation, and keep the patient cool during extended hospital or nursing home stays.


Pressure Redistribution Gel Mattresses for Hospital Beds

This type of mattress is designed with gel-infused memory foam that helps regulate temperature, improves comfort, and increases breathability compared to traditional foam. It is designed to reduce pressure points, improve circulation, and keep the patient cool during extended periods in bed. Gel-infused mattresses are perfect for those with sensitive skin or who need extra support due to heavier weight.


Bariatric Mattress Topper for Pressure Redistribution

Delivering multi-tiered pressure redistribution, these bed sore pads' top layer of highly resilient foam and bottom layer of ultra-firm, high-density foam provides the perfect balance of comfort and support for bariatric patients. Bariatric mattresses are ideal for those with a higher BMI or who need extra help due to their weight.



Whether you're in an acute care setting, assisted living facility, or hospice, pressure redistribution foam mattresses can help patients in many ways. They provide comfort, support, and relieve pain associated with bed sores or other medical conditions.


ProHeal offers a wide selection of foam mattresses for pressure redistribution. Our products are designed to provide maximum comfort while still being cost-effective so that you can save money without sacrificing quality. Contact us today, or visit our catalog to learn more about our products and how they can benefit you or your patients!



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