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Very handy

Wife likes it...easy maneuverable..well pleased

So far as good.

I am very happy with this mattress for the price. I have a T-3 complete SCI, so pressure soars are a real possibility. So far the alternating air pressure is doing its job. The only thing I would say is if your a light sleeper the the pump is a little loud.

True Low Air Loss Mattress, Alternating Pressure, Pulsation- 60x80x8/11" × 1

We bought the Air 9900 mattress and received it quickly. It's a wonderful mattress and we used it in different modes and pressures

Great product!!

I'm a disabled Vietnam vet. I inherited this walker from a friend wo passed away. The VA gave me a regular rolator that is fine for relatively short trips, but I use this to improve my endurance on longer walks. This upright walker has given me a new life.
If I may, I would make one suggestion to the manufacturer: market an option with balloon tires that would handle irregularities in pavement better and permit reasonable off-road use.

Stand Assist Lift
Vicky Welch
Sit to stand assist device

I broke my ankle in early February and was facing six weeks in a nursing home to be non weight bearing. I have MS and cerebral palsy so non weight bearing on my own is impossible. This device made the difference between a nursing home android being able to be in my own home. It’s sturdy, safe, reliable and easy enough to use that my husband has no problem operating it. I would recommend the sit to stand to anyone who has trouble with mobility.

Stand up walker

Arrived on time, reasonably simple to assemble and easy to use.

Easy to put together.


My 👴 put it together and working very well for me. It's very convenient and great support. I really enjoy it and recommend it if needed.

The walker is very well designed. My wife can use it for outings but not in our home because of the base with turning. I'm happy with the product.

I do recommend

Walker is helpful. I like that it is upright. My adult son put in together in about 30 minutes, no issues. Got in 4 business days, free shipping. The seat on the walker is the only place I can sit without (much) pain right now. Highly recommend.

Stand Assist Lift
Ashleigh Carter
Saved my back and my mom!

I was so hesitant to order this because I wasn't sure if it would work for my mama that had just had a stroke. Sooooooo glad I did. I was desperate. My back had been killing me from doing all the transfers. Had I not found this I would have had to take my mama back to assisted living due to my back. We are unable to slide it under our couches but it does great for getting her out of the bed and into and out of our lift recliner. Probably the most helpful tool since her stroke!

Good rollator….No seat

I like the rollator with 3 wherls . However, mine did NOT come with a padded seat!


I went to a local store and was properly fitted for the scooter, but the guy said it was going to be $2200 plus tax. So I started searching online for a better price. I found ProHeal, and ordered.

It shipped super fast and safe. The scooter is in perfect condition and I just love it. The ordering was super simple, the shipping fast, and the product was perfect. Easy to assemble too. Do not hesitate to deal with this company!! Excellent customer service also. This scooter disassembles easily to load in the car or SUV.

Stand Assist Lift
Scott A Skelton
Great Product!

I was physically lifting my Mother into her wheel chair and into her recliner. With the ProHeal Stand Assist Lift it's a easier lift. Great product!!

Stand Assist Lift
Carol Ann Whitfield
Very sturdy and easy to use.

This works so well for someone that has enough leg strength to stand briefly. The ability to change the wheel width with a foot pedal is great. Locks on the wheels work well and keep the patient safe. A little harder to push on the carpet but I can move my 5'10" / 190 pound husband and I am old and a bit decrepit. It's been a wonderful addition to our growing inventory of equipment needs.

Great to have when you need it

This thing is a godsend for someone whos no longer able to transfer themselves safely. The tools that come with the ProHeal are not sufficient to assemble this device, otherwise ease of assembly would have been 5.


This sit to stand was easy to assemble and the welds were cleanly done. I can't imagine what the competitors product is offering for three times the cost, as the design is the same. Only reason I gave it one less star is that the plastic nut covers didn't snap on andthey fall off. I'll contact the company or just squirt some adhesive into the cover and push it on.For a more secure assembly I recommend tightening the nut and bolts with a real wrench not the one provided which doesn't have the leverage for a tighter fit.

Perfect for transporting

My husband and I got addicted to the sara stedy in the hospital. For about a third of the price, my son found this lift with ProHeal and I highly recommend it. We have not found any difference in using this and the sara stedy.

A game changer

I bought this to see if it could help me get my 84 year old husband, who has Advanced Parkinsons, into bed safely at night. Calls to 911 or to helpful neighbors were becoming an almost nightly event. I needed help and my 80 year old body was taking a beating. When we first used it, I think my husband was afraid of it and I almost sent it back. Thank goodness I didnt. I use it to get him to bed from his wheelchair, onto the commode, and onto his recliner for his naps. In the mornings he has trouble sitting up and this gives him something to hang onto while I dress him. Previously I had to roll him from side to side to get his pants on. Now he can pull himself up with this contraption, making it so much easier to get his pants up and fasten his belt. I also have noticed hes able to stand for longer periods of time, too. Having to lift his body weight is keeping his arms strong, too. When I think how close I was to sending it back, I shudder. I was able to put it together myself. It is a bit heavy, especially with the added body weight of my husband when rolling it over thick carpet, but very sturdy and Im managing the weight ok. Im probably getting stronger, too, negotiating the turns towards the bed, the commode, the recliner or the wheelchair. This sit to stand device has been a game changer for me. So glad I purchased it.

Shower Commode Wheelchair
Patty Zanatos
I loved the show wheelchair

I loved it and I real wish I had it soon it help me out a lot

A Low Cost Solution To My Problem

My mother has limited mobility, and had trouble getting down onto my toilet, and getting back up. Not wanting to ask us for assistance, she would just rather not vist. But with the Guardian Economy Toilet Seat Riser, mom is fine to visit again. So simple to put on and remove. I don't know if it sits this well on everyones toilet, but it sits great on mine. Waith the low cost I thought it wouldn't hurt to try it. Now I am so glad i did. I could have paid a lot more money for too much trouble. I am so glad that I tried this product first so that I didn't waist my money on the other stuff.

Stand Assist Lift
LaWanda Pennington
Couldnt make it without this. It is awesome. Easy to move my 245 lb husband around

This item

Stand Assist Lift
Tim Batross
Great unit

This and stand is very stable and it was less expensive than the Sarah sturdys that are being offered. This unit enables my wife to transport me as a stroke victim with left side paralysis to and from the chair the commode at Cetera I would recommend this to anyone its very sturdy.

Stand Assist Lift
Trudy Christiansen
Great product

This product was just as it described. It was very sturdy but our bedbound client just wasnt strong enough to hang onto the bars so we had to return it.

padded lift U sling

This sling is fantastic. A game changer enabling my Mom to safely and with full confidence be transferred using our Hoyer lift. Sizing wasn't as expected. I ordered a small for my Mom who is 5'5'', and needed a medium, had to return and get correct size.