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The Safety Of A Bolster Mattress For A Hospital Bed - ProHeal-Products

The Safety Of A Bolster Mattress For A Hospital Bed

When an elderly or disabled individual falls, it can be a harrowing experience for them - not only because of the physical fear that comes with it but also due to its potential long-term consequences. It is imperative to ensure their safety and well-being following such incidents to minimize further damage occurring both mentally and physically.


Hospitals rely on bolstered mattresses to provide a secure environment and peace of mind for their patients in recovery. A bolster mattress is designed with safety as the top priority, ensuring that no one slips out of bed accidentally, which can lead to falls or other injuries. Not only do these bolsters offer added protection, but they also allow patients to rest easy knowing they're safely contained within their hospital beds.


In addition to providing enhanced patient safety, bolster mattresses for a hospital bed offer a wide range of additional benefits. Some bolsters can be adjusted to different heights, allowing nurses and carers greater control over the position and movement of the patient in bed. This prevents them from rolling off, slipping down during sleep, or even repositioning themselves when transferring from one place to another.


The use of side rail bolsters is not only limited to hospitals; many elderly care facilities also opt for beds with such features as part of their routine operations. In nursing homes and assisted living establishments, where elderly and disabled inhabitants are more likely to be at risk of falling, the extra security provided by these beds is invaluable in keeping residents safe without compromising on comfort levels.


All in all, bolster mattresses for hospital beds have become an essential piece of equipment within many healthcare settings- offering superior levels of safety and comfort for those who need it most. Shop today!




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