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7 Types of Wheelchair Cushions - ProHeal-Products

7 Types of Wheelchair Cushions


ProHeal offers an extensive range of wheelchair cushions to meet your needs. Whether preventing pressure sores or treating sciatica pain, our wheelchair cushions will provide the perfect solution! Our wheelchairs cushions have various features and sizes to accommodate different body types and wheelchairs. We offer seven different types of wheelchairs cushions to suit your specific needs. Read on to learn more about the various wheelchairs cushions available at ProHeal and how each type can help relieve sciatica pain and pressure sores!


Coccyx Cushions

Coccyx Cushions are designed to support the tailbone area while alleviating pressure on the spine and buttocks. These wheelchairs cushions are perfect for those suffering from lower back pain or sciatica and can be used in wheelchairs, office chairs, and cars.


Pommel Cushions

Pommel cushions provide support through a bumper at the anterior portion of the wheelchairs cushion. This sciatica cushion for a chair provides proper hip positioning by keeping your knees separate. Its wedge design helps prevent the patient from sliding forward and improves posture. This wheelchairs cushion helps reduce pressure on the tailbone, lower back, and surrounding tissue.


Wedge Cushions

Wedge cushions are designed to provide an inclined surface for the seat of your wheelchair, allowing a more comfortable sitting posture. The angled incline supports the lower back, which helps reduce pressure on the tailbone and sciatica nerve.


Bariatric Cushions

Bariatric wheelchair cushions provide extra support and comfort for larger individuals with up to a 600-pound weight capacity. These wheelchair cushions are specifically designed with high-density foam or gel, allowing users to sit in a wheelchair for longer without experiencing discomfort.


Inflatable Cushions

Inflatable wheelchairs cushions are designed to treat and prevent soft tissue or skin breakdown, as well as pressure ulcers, pressure sores, deep tissue issues, and surgery or other wounds. Inflate the sides to different levels, or change the front and back angles to conform to the needs of each patient. The air moves with the body, and it can be adjusted to match the body shape of each patient or their personal skin condition needs.


Regular Cushions

Regular wheelchairs cushions are ideal for those looking for a more simple wheelchairs cushion that provides basic support and comfort. These wheelchairs cushions provide a good amount of padding and can be easily adjusted to fit wheelchairs of various sizes. They have various height profiles, 2", 3", and 4".



No matter what type of wheelchairs cushion you need, ProHeal has the perfect wheelchairs cushion for you. Our wheelchairs cushions are designed with different features and sizes to ensure you receive the care and support you deserve.

Explore our wheelchair cushions today and find the right one for you!



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