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Prevail Bladder Control Pad – Light

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  • Prevail® Bladder Controls Pads offer discreet protection that keeps you feeling cleaner, fresher, and drier
  • Only Prevail® has MaxSorb™ Gel Technology which quickly locks up wetness to keep you feeling dry
  • Only Prevail® has Omni-Odor Guard™, a dual action system to help prevent odors before they start
  • 100% Breathable to help you stay cool and comfortable
  • Prevail® has Dri-Fit™ cotton enhanced™ to help you feel more natural

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  • Prevail® Bladder Controls Pads offer discreet, comfortable and reliable protection for bladder leaks
  • MaxSorb™ Gel actively locks up wetness to help you feel cleaner, fresher, drier
  • 100% Breathable - A fully breathable moisture barrier that allows skin to breathe
  • Prevail® has Dri-Fit™ cotton enhanced™ to help you feel more natural by keeping your skin dry and comfortable
  • Individually wrapped for your convenience
  • Manufactured in USA
  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    cathy dupree
    Great pad

    Great pad for light leaks

    They work and don't make my skin itch

    Finally after so many trials... Something that works for occasional leakage and works well for me without leaks, odor or lasting itch creation. They are also not too large. I need a pad if I am surprised, lift things or cough/sneeze. The need is often enough to wear a pad daily - but not a need of diaper or huge pad... But when I have a need, it has to contain things. So many pads create itch, rash and discomfort. This one doesn't... and I've tried it in all sorts of situations. Bravo!

    Kindle Customer
    Soft as a cloud.


    Amazon Customer
    Works grray, but too long!

    Perfect for “3”absorbency needs. BUT! I don’t need it to be SO long.