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Bariatric Wheelchair Seat Cushion w/ Gel Infused Memory Foam

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Bariatric Wheelchair Seat Cushion w/ Gel Infused Memory Foam

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Height: 3"
Dimensions: 22" x 18"

This product is FSA eligible 

The Bariatric Wheelchair Seat Cushion with Gel Infused Memory Foam is a high-quality cushion designed for use in bariatric wheelchairs. This cushion is constructed with gel-infused memory foam that conforms to the shape of the user's body, providing optimal support and comfort. The gel infusion helps to dissipate heat and prevent pressure sores. The cushion is also designed with a waterproof and breathable cover that is easy to clean and maintain. The cushion is suitable for users up to 600 lbs, and it helps to reduce pressure points and improve overall comfort while sitting in a wheelchair.


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Designed as a wheelchair cushion, it is also great as an office chair cushion, car seat cushion or any chair. Two layers of high resilient foam provide increased comfort and decrease the likelihood of pressure sores. A top layer of gel infused visco memory foam gives you pressure redistribution and quickly dissipates heat.

The cushion is 3" high, and the soft foam allows for better pelvis immersion for comfort and stability, while medial and lateral side supports facilitate the best positioning. The trochanter (thigh bone) cut outs promote thigh alignment and postural symmetry, and the raised front abductor controls forward sliding.

A dual compartment gel chamber stops the gel from migrating and moving around to cause uncomfortable bumps and spots. A non skid fabric on the bottom prevents the pillow from slipping, and a safety buckle keeps the cushion in place on any type of chair. The large radius bottom lets you use it on any surface, including sling or flat seated wheelchairs.

The gel seat cushion is covered by a water resistant stretch nylon cover that wipes clean in seconds, and repels spills. It is breathable to ensure comfort and prevent sweating and itching. The cover is flame retardant. Removing the cover is not recommended.

The combination of multiple high density foam layers, gel, and breathable nylon offers the best skin protection for wheelchair bound patients and people sitting in office chairs or other seats for extended periods of time. This bariatric cushion has a 500 pound weight capacity and is backed by a 18 month warranty.

18 Months Warranty

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Lowell Abele

I found the cushion to be too firm. I bought the 22x18x3. It said it was that size, but it was about a inch and a half short.

4 stars for quality but inadequate thickness for stated weight limit

The seat cushion is very well constructed and more firm than the less expensive cheaper seat cushions found online (Google, Amazon, etc) and does not fully compress with heavy person as almost all of them do. However is is advertised (at least on Amazon) for people with weight up to 500lbs and it is only 3 inches thick. The thickness and amount of padding/cushion is simply not adequate for someone 400-425lbs or more—it just isnt thick enough in my opinion especially along its edges which compress enough to allow pressure to develop in a short time along the backs of the thighs at edge of the cushion, especially if the cushion is being used on a firm seat with a hard or firm edge. Although it is offered in multiple lengths and widths, the 3 inch thickness is the only option for all of them. It might be vastly improved and acceptable in a 4 or 4 1/2 inch thickness or with an asymmetrical increased thickness along the leading edge where thighs will cross it. Otherwise in its current configuration (at least for someone 400lbs or greater) it becomes rapidly uncomfortable after sitting on it for 15-20min necessitating standing up for awhile to relieve the pressure on back of thighs.