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Foam Wedge Wheelchair Cushion

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Foam Wedge Wheelchair Cushion is designed to provide superior comfort and stability for wheelchair users. Its high-density foam construction helps support body weight, while its contoured shape helps cushion and distribute pressure evenly. Its sloped design also helps promote good posture, helping wheelchair users stay comfortable for longer.

    ProHeal's line of Hospital and Home Care Accessories is a premium array of medical products. Designed with durable and reliable materials, our products are preferred by nurses, doctors, pharmacists, and caregivers.

    ProHeal is committed to providing premium and reliable products, with excellent customer service, to our clients for over 40 years. Rely on us for all your home care needs. Give us a call if you have any questions: 772-776-4325

    Backed by a 1-year warranty
    • ULTIMATE COMFORT: The perfect pillow, it is firm yet comfortable. The foam wedge's firm foundation reduces pressure caused by sling-seat hammocking, and its upper layer is soft and immersive. It comes with a stretch nylon cover that is breathable and fluid resistant.
    • MULTIPURPOSE SEAT CUSHION: These pillows do not only provide comfort and support to those confined to wheelchairs but is beneficial for anyone. It serves as an office chair cushion, a car seat cushion, or a gaming chair pad, giving its users a supportive foam cushion.
    • PREMIUM WHEELCHAIR CUSHIONS: ProHeal's foam wedge pillows are made from top-of-the-line high-density foam, offering you support and relief from pressure sores and tailbone pain. You should not need to dread sitting in your wheelchairs or desk chair; rely on us to provide your chair cushions.
    • SUPPORT & POSITIONING PILLOW: At ProHeal we know the frustration of wheelchair sliding and not being able to comfortably sit in your chair. That's why this foam wedge cushion is designed to prevent patients from sliding forward. Additionally, the wedge design improves posture support.
    • HIGH-QUALITY SUPPORT CUSHIONS: This wedge pillow is designed with a low-rise high-density foam that won't lose its inclined shape. Firm enough to offer proper inclination but soft enough to allow supreme comfort. You deserve to sit on your office chair or wheelchair with absolute reassurance.

    Customer Reviews

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    I’m not sliding anymore!

    I put this comfortable cushion over my other cushion in my wheelchair and I was not sliding. I had my aide Jiggle the chair around to see if I stayed put and it worked!