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ProHeal's 3D Room Building Feature - ProHeal-Products

ProHeal's 3D Room Building Feature

Are you or your loved ones returning from the hospital, nursing homes, or retirement home and not sure what home care items you need? Are you creating a home hospice for your loved one and feeling overwhelmed with sufficiently preparing your home? We feel you. Fortunately, at ProHeal, we have the tool for you.


ProHeal's Room Builder is revolutionizing the home care market with a 3D rendering platform to visualize your home care needs in real-life and seamlessly purchase those items.


Our platform has three different room options:

  • Bedrooms: Find the best bedroom products to fit your home health care needs, from patient lifts and beveled fall-prevention mats to bariatric beds and patient walkers.

  • Bathrooms: Our vast array of safety grab bars, raised toilet seats, and tub safety features ensure patients' home health safety as they care for their hygiene needs.

  • Living Rooms: Home care equipment goes beyond a patient's bedroom and bathroom. Explore our line of living room accessories that provide a patient with complete safety and care while they relax in their living room.


Our supply of hundreds of home care products in multiple sizes and variations will provide you the senior care and home care you deserve in every medical situation.

Some of our top products:

  • Patient Scooters
  • Patient Walkers
  • Patient Lifts
  • Wheelchair Cushions
  • Hospital Beds
  • Under pads
  • PPE

ProHeal products are designed for your health, safety, and comfort, ensuring the utmost medical care. Rely on us, your trusted home care provider.

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