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  • Fall Prevention Explained - ProHeal-Products

    Fall Prevention Explained

    In a previous post, we overviewed the two primary ways caregivers can protect their loved ones and patients from accidental falls. They were: Fall Prevention Mats Bed Alarm for Dementia Patients. Now, let's dive deeper into the subject to discuss the...

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  • Fall Prevention Made Easy - ProHeal-Products

    Fall Prevention Made Easy

    There's nothing scarier than having your loved ones or patients trip as they attempt a walk about or fall out of their bed or seat. But standing by their side 24/7 isn't a practical option either. Below we will present...

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  • What is a Patient Lift Used For? - ProHeal-Products

    What is a Patient Lift Used For?

    For people that are mobile, we often take moving for granted. Our daily activities, jobs, and chores revolve around movement. From getting out of bed to walking to work and settling down on the couch after a long day. But...

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  • Essential Aftercare Tips for Recovering from Surgery - ProHeal-Products

    Essential Aftercare Tips for Recovering from Surgery

    If your doctor has prescribed your surgery in the near future, you might be wondering how you can make it as smooth as possible. How long will it take you to heal? Will you experience long-term pain or immobility? What should you do to transform your home into an ideal place for your aftercare?
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  • ProHeal's 3D Room Building Feature - ProHeal-Products

    ProHeal's 3D Room Building Feature

    Are you or your loved ones returning from the hospital, nursing homes, or retirement home and not sure what home care items you need? Are you creating a home hospice for your loved one and feeling overwhelmed with sufficiently preparing...

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