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Bariatric Chair Cushions - ProHeal-Products

Bariatric Chair Cushions

Recently at ProHeal, we've been writing about bariatric beds and the different types of bariatric mattresses we sell. Yet mattresses are only one type of bariatric geared product. Bariatric patients can also benefit from a bariatric wheelchair cushion that they can use in bariatric wheelchairs and bariatric chairs. 


What Is A Bariatric Wheelchair Seat?

Bariatric chairs are specifically built to hold the weight and size of bariatric people. There are bariatric electric wheelchairs and manual wheelchairs, all of which cater to a particular bariatric segment. Bariatric cushion seats provide comfort and support for those bariatric chairs. 


How Wide Is A Bariatric Wheelchair?

The seat cushions for our bariatric chair's width range from 22" to 30". 


Different Types of Bariatric Chair Cushions?

At ProHeal, we have multiple types of wheelchair cushions catering to bariatric people. 

Foam Cushions:



Gel Cushions:


Pommel Cushions

The pommel shape promotes proper hip positioning by keeping your knees separate.  

Wedge Cushions

They are designed to prevent patients from sliding forward and improve posture support.

Coccyx Cushions

It prevents and treats lumbar pain with its unique cut-out design and acts as a tailbone pain relief cushion.


Shop NOW our vast range of bariatric wheelchair cushions and receive the support you deserve.


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