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XLarge Wet Wipes for Adults

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XLarge Wet Wipes for Adults

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Introducing ProHeal's Adult Wet Wipes, your ultimate companion for freshness and comfort. Crafted with meticulous care, these disposable wipes redefine convenience and hygiene for adults. Sized at a generous 12" x 8", they offer ample coverage for thorough cleansing and refreshing.

Gentle on the skin, ProHeal's Adult Wet Wipes are pre-moistened with a soothing blend of aloe, chamomile, and vitamin E. This thoughtful formulation ensures not just cleanliness but also nourishment and hydration, leaving your skin feeling rejuvenated with every use.

Fragrance-free and alcohol-free, these wipes are ideal for even the most sensitive skin types, eliminating the risk of discomfort. Whether you're on the go, at home, or traveling, trust ProHeal to provide gentle care whenever you need it.

Moreover, these non-flushable wipes are designed with environmental responsibility in mind. By disposing of them properly, you contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment.

ProHeal's Adult Wet Wipes are your go-to solution for various personal hygiene needs. From quick freshening up to thorough cleansing, these wipes cater to a wide range of everyday situations. Keep them in your purse, gym bag, or bathroom cabinet for instant cleanliness wherever you are.

Experience the difference with ProHeal's Adult Wet Wipes—a blend of convenience, efficacy, and care, all in one. Make them an essential part of your daily routine and elevate your hygiene standards effortlessly.

Sized at a generous 12" x 8", they offer ample coverage for thorough cleansing and refreshing.

Gentle on the skin, Fragrance-free and alcohol-free,

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Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
Savvy C.
Great for on the go!

These wipes are perfect for on the go. I like to pack in my gym bag or carry on when traveling for a quick fresh up. They’re moisturizing too, and don’t dry out my skin.

Ada S.
Feels great

Let's talk adult wipes - specifically, these Fragrance-Free ones. They might not be the most glamorous purchase, but let me tell you, they're a total game-changer.First off, they're fragrance-free, which is a big plus for those of us with sensitive skin or noses. No overpowering scents here, just a clean, fresh feeling.But here's where they really shine - they're super convenient. With 112 wipes in each pack and two packs in a set, you'll be set for a while. Perfect for tossing in your bag, keeping in your car, or stashing in your desk drawer for whenever you need a quick refresh.Plus, they're gentle yet effective, so you can use them on your face, hands, or anywhere else that needs a little TLC. And since they're alcohol-free, they won't dry out your skin like some other wipes can.

So many uses for these

Whether you're on the go, traveling, or just need a quick refresh at home, these wipes get the job done without irritation. Plus, they're versatile enough to use on your face, hands, or anywhere else you need a quick clean-up.And can we talk about convenience? The resealable packs make them easy to toss in your bag or keep in your car, so you'll always have them on hand when you need them most.So if you're looking for a reliable and fragrance-free way to stay fresh and clean, these Adult Wipes are a must-have. Trust me, you'll wonder how you ever lived without them!

Get the job done

These wipes get the job done. Good value for the price. These are not flushable!

Big wipes, well moistened, & fragrance-free!

First — these wipes are huge! When I first opened the package, I thought I was accidentally pulling more than one wipe! At 12" x 8", they're definitely larger than the average wipe, so they're ready for big messes!Each cloth is thick and well-moistened, so they feel great to the touch. They're also fragrance-free, with only a faint, natural, clean smell of the moisturizer.We plan to keep a supply of these wipes in the car for roadtrips — they're perfect for cleaning up after a hike or picnic!

Fragrance free.

These are Fragrance free, that is important. I don't want to cleanup just so I can smell like perfume. These come in a large resealable pack, throw them in the car, a bag and bring them with you. We use wipes a lot, and we will get these again.

Nice and large

These are very nice and large wipes, fragrance free and with aloe - they are larger than most wipes and very substantial.

BIG wipes!

I like these wipes- they are wet without being drippy, smell great, and even remove makeup well. Also they are LARGE! I often end up ripping one in half as I don't need the wipe to be that large, but when I'm quickly cleaning the kids off after playing outside/sports, i definitely enjoy having the large option!

Big D.
Big wipes

These wipes worked well. They're pretty big (12 inches by 8 inches). These are now in our travel bags. We're used to a bidet seat at home. So these wipes will be our saving grace on vacation. The wipe cleaned good and it flushed down the toilet.

N. J.L.
Great wipes

These wipes are as unscented as advertised and a really large size which is great! No reason not to recommend these :)