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Heavy Absorbency Plus Poly Adult Briefs

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Heavy Absorbency Plus Poly Adult Briefs are specially designed for seniors with incontinence issues. These briefs provide maximum absorbency and protection for extended periods of wear. The high-quality poly construction of these briefs ensures that they are both durable and comfortable. The soft, breathable material keeps the skin dry, preventing irritation and rashes. The briefs also feature a secure, snug fit that keeps them in place all day long, reducing the need for frequent adjustments. The absorbent core locks in moisture and odor, providing a discreet and comfortable solution for seniors with incontinence. These briefs are easy to put on and take off, making them a convenient option for those who have difficulty with mobility. Overall, Heavy Absorbency Plus Poly Adult Briefs are a reliable and convenient solution for seniors with incontinence, providing the protection and comfort they need to live their daily lives with confidence.

    ProHeal's line of Hospital and Home Care Accessories is a premium array of medical products. Designed with durable and reliable materials, our products are preferred by nurses, doctors, pharmacists, and caregivers.

     ProHeal is committed to providing premium and reliable products, with excellent customer service, to our clients for over 40 years. Rely on us for all your home care needs. Give us a call if you have any questions: 772-776-4325

    THE PERFECT FIT: Available in sizes small (20 - 31" waist/hip) medium (32 - 44" waist/hip), large (45 - 58" waist/hip), and extra large plus size (59 - 64" waist/hip). Available in small travel-friendly quantities, or double case bulk supply. Also available from ProHeal are adult diaper briefs in light, heavy, and extra heavy absorbency.
    • DISCREET ADULT DIAPER PROTECTIVE BRIEF: Featuring a super comfortable poly backing and non-woven top sheet, it has a mat body shape style to be hidden for the ultimate dignity and comfort. The side panels are breathable to allow airflow.
    • HEAVY ABSORBENCY & ODOR CONTROL: Great for overnight diaper use, the heavily absorbent polymer lining locks in moisture and wetness to keep the patient dry and comfortable. It seals in the odor and smell and features a color-changing dryness indicator strip on the outside.
    • REUSABLE TABS: These unisex brief style incontinence underwear have double tabs that can be refastened many tabs to ensure a comfortable and secure fit that stays in place. The legs have elastic gathers to conform to the body snugly and comfortably.
    • MEN'S & WOMEN'S DISPOSABLE DIAPERS: These adult diapers for women and men are ideal for seniors, incontinence, postpartum women, and more. Designed to keep you dry to prevent skin irritation and rashes while the soft material feels like underwear.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Not for Overnight

    These were ordered for someone who recently had a stroke and while they fit well and the adhesive was good on the sides, they leaked throughout the night, twice.

    Tom T
    Works well

    When in need, I have used the Adult Briefs. They have four tabs which can open the briefs up when putting on and then will tighten the fit. They are reasonably comfortable. They are not like a diaper which opens completely, they must be brought up the legs, which was best for me.

    Smacked By Vee
    Lol 😂 hear me out mmk ?!

    I use these at night when It’s that time of the month 🤷🏽‍♀️! Very comfy and no leaks

    Decent for the price

    They're not the highest quality, but they are fine for people on a budget. I got them for my elderly relative who has some issues with incontinence.They seem to fit well, and have two adhesive tabs on each side.For $1.33 per diaper, I can't complain.


    Better them step-ins.