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Refastenable Tabs Moderate Absorbency Adult Briefs

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Refastenable Tabs Moderate Absorbency Adult Briefs

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Size: Medium
Count: 12

This product is FSA eligible 

Our Refastenable Tabs Moderate Absorbency Adult Briefs provide optimal discreet solutions for daily protection for a variety of bladder and/or bowel incontinence needs. The refastenable tabs provide wearers with an easy way to adjust their level of protection to meet their specific needs. The moderate absorbency ensures a reliable way to stay dry and comfortable throughout the day.

Refastenable Tabs Moderate Absorbency Adult Briefs provide outstanding protection with comfortable fit and reliable leakage security. ProHeal ensures superior absorbency and comfort at a competitive price, keeping you safe, dry, and confident.

ProHeal's line of Hospital and Home Care Accessories is a premium array of medical products. Designed with durable and reliable materials, our products are preferred by nurses, doctors, pharmacists, and caregivers.

ProHeal is committed to providing premium and reliable products, with excellent customer service, to our clients for over 40 years. Rely on us for all your home care needs. Give us a call if you have any questions: 772-776-4325

Available in sizes medium (32 - 44" waist/hip), large (45 - 58" waist/hip), and extra large plus size (59 - 64" waist/hip). Available in small travel friendly quantities, or double case bulk supply. Also available from ProHeal are adult diaper briefs in light, heavy, and extra heavy absorbency.

Featuring a super comfortable cloth-like backing and polymer top sheet, it has a contoured style to be hidden for the ultimate dignity and comfort. The side panels are breathable to allow airflow.

The absorbent polymer lining locks in moisture and wetness to keep the patient dry and comfortable. It seals in the odor and smell and features a color-changing dryness indicator strip on the outside.

These unisex brief style incontinence underwear have double tabs that can be refastened many tabs to ensure a comfortable and secure fit that stays in place. The legs have elastic gathers to conform to the body snugly and comfortably.

These adult diapers for women and men are idea for seniors, incontinence, postpartum women, and more. Designed to keep you dry to prevent skin irritation and rashes while the soft material feels like underwear.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Miss A.
Can't be refastend

The plastic was good for leaks but you can't take it off it'll rip. Good for about 2 hours.

Jay S.
So so quality

The advantage of this diaper is that it has plastic/nylon backing. This is not a heavy duty high absorbent product and the design allows for leakage. The sticking tabs do not stick well so make sure you have duct tape to make it hold. Also the plastic is very thin and could rip easily.The fact that it comes in a plastic bag is not an issue in my opinion, my main concern is functionality and absorb any which are sub par in my opinion.

Great Absorption, but some of the tabs are a struggle

I ordered these for an elderly family member. He needed something with heavy duty absorption, fortunately, the are GREAT in that aspect. No overflow or leakage at all, which is amazing. Material is crinkly sounding and people will notice if you wear them out. These would be best to wear at home, not on the go. Tabs on these are a struggle to fasten and refasten, but the absorption makes this product worth it. Again, these would be best for at home only. I'd still recommend these, especially to women who have heavy periods, this is great for overnight.

tabs don't stay and absorbency is OK

These adult diapers incontinence briefs provide full coverage, and had no leaks unless extremely active and in an odd position. Only had leak once when had an extremely full bladder. I'd recommend you change after each wetting. Overnight use was hit or miss. Comfortable to wear and not that noticeable due to thin material. Tabs don't always stay though. A decent cheap diaper. My pack was 18.

Margaret B.
Good replacement for midline which has been out of stock for 6 weeks!

Adhesion tabs difficult to open. Good fit

Mrs C.
OK budget option

These adult diapers are an ok budget option. The fit is decent. The gussets are not nearly as strong as they look in the picture but they do get the job done. The diapers are thick and absorbent. The plastic backing feels very cheap and thin.I wouldnt say I love them but as a budget option, they are fine.

Not for me:these were hard to

These were hard to make fit Right. The outer material doesn't stretch and feels like a trash bag with a liner that crumbles up. Absorbed ok, just not breathable and can't readjust once taped. Better stuff out there for what I paid.

Not high quality but not bad either.

This diaper isn't great or bad. Absorbency is so-so. Comfort is above average. Seems to fit nicely, so stretch is pretty good. Not tight at all. 4 star rated.

For the most part, they are ok

I was able to convince my mother to try these as she has complained about past products. The good news is that she liked them enough to say she was comfortable. I did have to do some extra taping at the waist to make sure they stayed, even though my mother is a small woman. So far the absorbency is ok. My mother is not a heavy wetter and lets us know when she has had an accident, so very little time spent in them. We will use our entire purchase and judge from the results as to whether to purchase more. The cost is low, but we need to make sure.

Precise D.
budget friendly, generous size, double tape tabs for adhesion/comfort, fair absorption

They are OK. Nothing particularly outstanding nor anything particularly bad. They are a budget diaper that may or may not work for your needs. Moderate to heavy absorbency. Two tape tabs per side, can be refastened.Be sure to check the sizing before ordering. L will fit waist/hips measuring 45"-58". Accurate, but you may want to size up if you want more wiggle room. These don't have any stretch, so it may be easier to manipulate the tabs by getting a size up. Really just a preference. Because these are diapers, and not elastic pull ups I find going up a size a little easier to move in. In the latter, going down a size is fine- lots of stretch. But with tape tab with no elastic, you will want to have extra space to be able to bend over, squat, etc without putting too much strain on the material. By having them a little loose, they might be able to be used as a pull up style (just dont make the fit too tightly). Also, may help to wear these under a pair of underwear to help give them a more fitted feel. Really just depends on your circumstance. If you are mobile, you may want to spring for "pull up" style. Use these if just need something inexpensive, or temporary. (ie, post partum, heavy period, moderate/light short term bladder leak issue). I use these for heavy periods, especially for overnight. Ok for during day if i am going to be home. The slight crinkle keeps me from wearing them out. I prefer the pull up style, but was curious how a much more budget friendly option would handle my needs. They are "ok". I dont leak, but the material is a bit crinkly sounding and a tad bulky.Also, excess material surrounding the absorbent portion has the propensity to stick to the skin. Not sure if that is the norm with diaper style. Keep this in mind for seniors with delicate skin.They're OK. I am giving them 3 stars. This does not mean that it is bad or that I need help in rectifying some issue They are middle of road- they do the job for my needs. Budget friendly enough that they might be worth the try.