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Prevail Pant Liner

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Enjoy advanced, absorbent protection for all shapes and sizes with the Prevail Pant Liner. Sort of like a brief or pull-up diaper without the sides, this is a full length pad that’s absorbent enough for overnight support. Worn inside regular underwear or a mesh pant, these comfortably cup the body and provide all night support. MaxSorb gel locks away incontinence and turns it nto a gel, so you feel dry and fresh. Advanced odor guarding technology neutralize the pH in urine, eliminating odors from urine and leaving you feeling confident and discreet. Clothlike backing is silent and breathable, maintaining skin integrity. If you need a large, full-rise pad for your incontinence needs, this Prevail Pant Liner is a great choice. Manufactured in USA.

Who Should Use These

Prevail Pant Liners are ideal for:

  • Those with moderate urinary incontinence
  • Those larger than a 2XL clothing size that need incontinence protection (these will comfortably accommodate up to a 7XL size)
  • Those that are between pull-up sizes and want a more secure fit
  • Pull-up or tab-style diaper wearers that are traveling and don’t want to remove their pants for changes
  • Those that can’t wear things around their waist, such as those with a stoma or wound
  • Pad users that want something heavy for overnight

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    Key Benefits

    • Full length adhesive strip securely fastens to underwear or mesh pants for a fit that lasts all day long - or all night!
    • MaxSorb Gel soaks up moisture and turns it into a gel, so you feel dry
    • Omni Odor Guard locks odors into the absorbent core, so you stay fresh and confident
    • Clothlike Backing is breathable and completely silent
    • Overnight protection means this pant liner is designed for long-term protection, so you can rest peacefully through the night
    • Pad Dimension Size Small-6 x 12.4" Large Plus-13 x 28" Extended Use-13 x 28"

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