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Prevail Maximum Absorbency Underwear

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About Prevail Incontinence Protective Daily Underwear

Every Prevail® protective undergarment is designed with four things in mind: comfort, absorbency, skin health, and discretion. Prevail® Maximum Absorbency Unisex Underwear is designed for both men and women who need moderate to heavy leakage protection, keeping you 5X drier than the leading brand*. Prevail® features MaxSorb™ Gel technology which actively locks up moisture to help keep you feeling cleaner, fresher, and drier. Additional features include: Omni-Odor Guard™ helps neutralizes odors before they begin , 360° Breathable Zones™ that allow air to circulate around the entire underwear and help prevent heat and moisture build up, Dri-Fit™ to help keep skin dry and healthy by reducing friction, Comfort-Shape® Plus with gentle elastics that shape to your body for a more natural fit, Back label with size.* Based on rewet testing of the leading protective.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should consider using Prevail Pull-Up Daily Underwear, Maximum?

These Prevail Pull Ups make for a good choice for those caring for themselves who have mild to moderate urinary incontinence and who may have skin care concerns or the desire to protect delicate skin.

What is Prevail Pull-Up Daily Underwear’s capacity?

This style of adult diaper is designed for extra leakage protection. They’re ideal for 1-2 full voids, or light dribbles throughout the day.

How do I use Prevail Pull-Up Daily Underwear?

Position Prevail Incontinence Protective Underwear with the colored waistband line at the back. Step in and pull on as you would with regular underwear. This is a disposable product, so throw after use and do not flush.

How do I find the right size of Prevail Pull-Up Daily Underwear?

Prevail Incontinence Protective Underwear ranges from sizes Small to 2XL. When choosing the right size incontinence product, measure both your waist and hips, then choose the larger of the two to reference our sizing guide. A great product will fit snugly, but won’t pinch, and the core will rest snugly against the body (no drooping).

Is Prevail Pull-Up Daily Underwear, Maximum unisex?

The Prevail Pull-Up Underwear, max is great for both men and women. If you’re looking for a gender-specific fit, these typically have more masculine or feminine designs, a more contoured fit, and extra polymer in the part of the core that aligns with the anatomy, we recommend these pull-ups for Women or these daily pull-ups for Men.

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    Prevail Pull-Up Daily Underwear: Key Benefits

    • MaxSorb™ Gel Technology which locks up moisture to help keep you feeling cleaner, fresher, and drier
    • Omni-Odor Guard™ Helps to neutralize odors before they start
    • 100% Breathable with AirMax™ Layer helps you stay cool and comfortable by allowing air to circulate
    • Dri-Fit™ helps you feel more natural by keeping your skin dry and comfortable
    • Hypoallergenic Skin Smart® Fabric helps protect skin with Vitamin E, Aloe, and Chamomile
    • Comfort-Shape® Plus with gentle elastics shape to your body for a more comfortable and discreet fit

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