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Prevail Underpads Fluff Absorbent - Large 23" x 36"

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  • Prevail® Underpads help keep beds, linens, chairs, and other surfaces dry and clean
  • Soft, absorbent, and durable even when wet
  • Extra Strong Construction
  • FSA eligible

About Prevail Underpads:

Protect your furniture against leaks with Prevail Underpads, Fluff! With an absorbent core and a waterproofing backing, this underpad can be placed on any surface you want to protect from moisture. The perfect size for wheelchairs or smaller seats, this underpad features a soft, comfortable topsheet and a moisture-proof backing that locks away wetness. Great for tending to wounds or changing a loved one’s incontinence product, these underpads are comfortable, sturdy, and reliable. Manufactured in USA.

Who Should Use Prevail Underpads?

Prevail Underpads, Fluff are ideal for:

  • Caregivers tending to wounds
  • Caregivers changing their loved ones' incontinence products
  • Users of pads, pull-up diapers or tab-style briefs that are looking for extra protection for their furniture

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Key Benefits and Features

  • Moisture-proof backing stops moisture in its tracks, protecting your furniture from damage
  • Soft topsheet feels gentle and comfortable against skin
  • Fluff core absorbs some moisture

Customer Reviews

Based on 437 reviews
mary t branch


Great pads for dogs

I use these pads for my pugs. I have tried many other pads, including the ones made specifically for pets, and these are definitely superior. They are very absorbent and can hold large amounts of urine.

Pau Lina
Great pads crazy price!

I love these pads ,however, the last time I purchased these they were around $38….they’ve gone up to $55!!! Almost a $20 increase in 2 months! A little much, no?!!!! Makes me think twice about purchasing. 😕

Miss Terry
Perfect for pet use!

I've used these for years for my dogs. They're the best I've found for the price- HOWEVER when I ordered these in February, the price was $37.47 for 150 pads. I don't care how wonderful they are I won't buy them for the crazy price of $60.00!

Lisa Ann Whistler-Smith
Perfect pee pads for my chihuahuas!

I have been using these for year. They are so much better than the cheap training pads or the cheap bed pads that come apart or don't hold pee. I have tried various brands, and I always come back to these. Those cheap ones are not worth it!