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Prevail Male Guard

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About Prevail Male Guards

Prevail® Male Guards, Maximum Absorbency, are specifically designed to protect men against light leakage so they can feel fresh and comfortable every day.  These guards are ideal for men who are experiencing light and unpredictable leakage associated with dribbling, those who are post-operational, or those dealing with stress incontinence.  Worn within regular underwear, each guard has a cup shape design and a strong adhesive strip to keep the guard securely in place.  Once secured, men can go on with their day feeling clean and worry-free! 

Prevail Daily Men Guards are one-size-fits all disposable incontinence guards available in a discreet gray color for a more masculine look.  Shaped to fit around male anatomy, these fasten to existing underwear with an adhesive strip and provide all-day protection from mild urinary incontinence.  The Cotton-Enhanced Dri-Fit provides ultimate skin dryness with maximum absorbency and feels soft against the skin, even right after a void.  Breathable cloth-like backing and an AirMax Layer designed to maintain the ideal temperature ensure skin integrity.  With a robust odor guard and a silent backsheet, you can maintain discretion and dignity while still having leakage protection. Prevail Male Guards offer worry-free odor control for maximum confidence.  Make Prevail Guards a part of your routine for easy-to-use incontinence protection.  This product is manufactured in the USA.

Who should be using this product?  Prevail Male Guards, Maximum are ideal for: - Men that face mild urinary incontinence, such as stress incontinence. - Men that are post-operational. - Men that experience dribbling. - Use along with other incontinence products, such as liners, underpads, or diapers.

How do you use or apply this product?  Place pad directly into briefs, never boxers, and secure with the attached adhesive strip.

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    ​​Key Benefits & Features

    • Prevail Male Guards have a cotton-enhanced Dri-Fit that feels soft, dry, and cool against skin.
    • These guards feature MaxSorb Gel that locks up moisture and turns it into a gel, so the guard feels dry.
    • AirMax Layer helps skin maintain the ideal temperature, so you can enjoy comfortability and skin health.
    • Adhesive strip easily fastens to existing underwear and stays in place all day, so you can go on with the day feeling clean and worry-free.
    • Omni Odor Guard neutralizes unpleasant odors, so you can feel fresh and clean.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 298 reviews
    Gary J. Estep
    Stay Dry

    Stay in place and absorbs very well.

    Joe Villemure
    Make pads

    Good product but sometimes to long for the underwear that I wear. Have purchase on more than one occasion and will CB onto ur to purchase

    Excellent product and service

    Use by a friend

    Henry Morgan
    Works well


    OK but not made for a man's anatomy

    Usually have used Tena Guards but were not available at the time of my order so I tried these. They work but just not comfortable enough to buy again. I am 5'8" 172 and three months off prostate surgery. They seem more like an extended woman's shaped pad rather than a guard for a man. Too long in length for someone my size. Tena shaped to fit a man and much more comfortable. Both do the job and no leaks but Tena will remain my preferred choice.