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Prevail Bladder Control Pad – Ultimate

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Enjoy protection, confidence, and discretion with Prevail Pads, Ultimate. Super absorbent, these bladder control pads feature MaxSorb Gel, which transforms liquid into a gel and locks it in the core for hours of protection. Soft, Cotton-Enhanced Dri-Fit ensures the material always feels dry and comfortable against skin, and an AirMax Layer allows vapors to pass through the product, so skin stays healthy. Designed for your convenience, these feature an adhesive backing that secures the pad to your underwear, and individual wrapping means these are great for on-the-go protection. With a built-in odor guard and silent backing, these bladder control pads are as discreet as they are absorbent, so you can enjoy extra confidence. Manufactured in USA.

Who Should Use These

Prevail Pads, Ultimate are ideal for:

  • Active, mobile women with light to moderate incontinence
  • Women with stress incontinence
  • Women that use a light liner during the day but want something heavier for nighttime

How do you use or apply this product?

Place pad directly into a disposable brief or pull on product for protection against light to moderate incontinence.

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Key Benefits and Features:

  • Omni Odor Guard locks odors into the absorbent core, so you can feel fresh, confident, and discreet.
  • Individually wrapped for your convenience, these can be packed into purses, suitcases, or wherever you need.
  • AirMax Layer allows air to pass through the product and keep skin cool, while trapping odors and moisture inside the absorbent core.
  • Cotton Enhanced Dri-Fit feels soft and dry against skin, even right after a void.
  • MaxSorb Gel transforms moisture into a gel, so you feel dry.
  • Adhesive backing securely fastens to your underwear, holding tight even through active moments.

Customer Reviews

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These work

Sandy from Georgia

5 Star Product

william ceravolo

She said she loves the pads

Amazon Customer

They are way superior to Poise Overnight #6.

Amazon Customer