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Prevail Belted Shield – Extra Absorbency

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Feel confident and secure with Prevail Belted Shields, Extra! With a sturdy belt that fastens the incontinence pad securely to the body, these products stay in place for even the most active adults. Absorbent and trustworthy, these belted pads feature QUICKWICK with MaxSoft technology and MaxSorb Gel, which pull moisture down into the absorbent core, so you feel dry and comfortable. Clothlike backing is silent and discreet, allowing air to pass through the product for maximum skin protection. Wear these alone or in your favorite underwear, whichever makes you feel most comfortable. Each pack contains one reusable strap, providing advanced protection and eliminating unnecessary waste. Whether you want more protection than a traditional incontinence pad or want something more breathable than protective underwear, these belted shields keep you dry, comfortable, and confident. Manufactured in USA.

Who Should Use These

Prevail Belted Shields, Extra are ideal for:

  • Those that prefer incontinence pads but want a more secure fit
  • Those that are travelling and want something that’s easy to change in a public restroom
  • Those that want to wear their regular underwear, but need a little extra protection
  • Men who want to wear boxers
  • Active, mobile adults

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    Key Benefits

    • Clothlike backing allows air to circulate through and around the product, protecting skin. Plus, cloth is silent and discreet.
    • Buttonhole fasteners are worn just like shirt buttons and hold the pad securely in place, even for very active users
    • QUICKWICK with MaxSoft pulls liquid down into the absorbent core, so the fabric feels dry against delicate skin
    • MaxSorb Gel uses polymers (tiny absorbent beads) to transform liquid into gel, so you feel dry and protected
    • Reusable strap fastens the undergarment against the body, and can be used again and again for maximum protection
    • Wear alone or in underwear - this undergarment is as versatile as it is absorbent, so go with whichever option suits your lifestyle best!
    • One size fits most, making it easier to find a comfortable fit (note that the waist range for these is 28-58 inches).

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 124 reviews
    Barbie 1
    Too bulky for Jeans and leggings etc. Good for bedtime.

    Nice concept, but too bulk for daytime use for me. Will wear when I have a cold or flu. I'll give some to a friend and store away the rest for when I really need them. Tonight Ill try at bedtime and see if it will work for small leak from hopping out of my high rise bed.

    I’m pleased with my purchase.

    I’m pleased with my purchase.

    Ezra’s Cookie
    Great pads if you remember to remove the elastic belt

    The pads themselves were fine. They were actually great. The only downside for me were that they only came with one belt per bag. My mom has dementia and doesn’t remember to take off the belt. There is a slip of paper in the bag that states to send money for additional belts. This is the only downside with this purchase. I have 3 bags with no belt so they are basically useless.

    marjorie pullman
    Good product

    nice because you can take off if you have jeans on like pants type

    da cap10
    You can remove when needed, without having to remove your pants.

    With COVID came bladder control issues for me. Finally I found a product that can be changed without removing your outer garments. I have had to fully urinate into it and it held all without leaks. I highly recommend.