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Incognito by Prevail Maternity Pad with Wings - Extra Heavy

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The Incognito by Prevail Maternity Pad with Wings is a discreet and comfortable solution for postpartum bleeding and protection. Made with soft, absorbent materials, this pad provides reliable leak protection while also being comfortable to wear. The wings help to keep the pad in place and prevent shifting or sliding, ensuring that you stay dry and secure throughout the day. The Incognito pad is also designed to be thin and discreet, making it easy to wear under clothing without feeling bulky or noticeable. Whether you're recovering from childbirth or experiencing other menstrual needs, the Incognito by Prevail Maternity Pad with Wings is a reliable and convenient choice.
  • Sterile, flexible wound device with two layers: a semipermeable silicone membrane, and a nonwoven pad made of HYAFF, an esterified hyaluronic acid (HA)
  • The biodegradable matrix acts as a scaffold for cellular colonization (e.g. fibroblasts) and capillary growth, facilitating the ordered reconstruction of dermal tissue
  • Removal of the silicone layer of Hyalomatrix is recommended when the tissue underneath is healed, or ready for grafting, typically 14 to 21 days after application
  • Can help facilitate the healing process in slow-healing and chronic wounds, including partial and full-thickness wounds; second-degree burns; pressure injuries, venous, diabetic, or chronic vascular ulcers; tunneled/ undetermined wounds; some surgical and trauma wounds; and draining wounds
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  • Extra Heavy
  • 100% BREATHABILITY: 100% Breathability, when moisture barrier is tested alone. Breathability helps you stay cool and comfortable.
  • UP TO 11 HOURS OF PROTECTION: Stay protected with up to 11 hours of protection with Incognito's MaxSorb Technology

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Recomendada para post parto c-section

Es muy buena, es grande y buena absorción. Muy recomendada para el post parto

Sierra Jones

These have been perfect for postpartum!!!


My favorite pads ever! Absorbs well and so soft

Overall decent

Overal good absorption. I wish it were longer and stayed on the underwear a bit more firmly. Otherwise overall good.

Rachel Dalton
Good but....

If you are not someone that has the best air flow down there. I have to wear very breathable underwear. For that reason I wind up not being able to use them very long. However if you don't have that problem you will be happy with the absorbency, comfort and leak protection