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Air Permeable Disposable Chucks Underpads Maximum Absorbance 23" x 36"


Air Permeable Disposable Chucks Underpads Maximum Absorbance 23" x 36"

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This product is FSA eligible 

Air Permeable Disposable Chucks Underpads, designed for maximum absorbance. Measuring 23" x 36", these underpads are perfect for seniors and anyone dealing with incontinence issues. The air-permeable material allows for added comfort and breathability, while the design of the chuck ensures a secure fit. These underpads are disposable for easy clean-up and maintain a high level of absorbance to keep you feeling dry and comfortable. Say goodbye to the hassle of incontinence with our Air Permeable Disposable Chucks Underpads.

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These disposable bed pads are air permeable for use on a low air loss mattress. They are super thick, comfortable and big to offer plenty of coverage and protection to keep your bed and furniture dry for plenty of time!

The top is a cloth type fabric which is soft and comfortable on the skin, the middle core is a heavy duty moisture proof polymer barrier, and the bottom is a waterproof backing.

Designed for heavy absorbency, these disposable underpads can hold a large amount of liquids, enough for over night protection. Durable even when wet, the layers won't separate.

Not only good as incontinence pads, these can be used to protect beds, couches, chairs, sofas and more. They can be used as puppy pads for dog training.

Ultra thick, absorbent, and soft, these blue colored pee pads can be used for homecare, medical facilities, and more. They measure 23" x 36", are latex free, and skin friendly.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews

I used these to change my son. Sometimes accidents happen and sometimes I dont want to constantly rewash all of my bedsheets. So I started putting these under him to change him. They are pretty big and theyre thick as well.

Disposable Bed Pads

Premium Disposable Bed Pads are absorbent and multifunctional. This product has triple layers: Cloth Topsheet, Polymer Core, Waterproof Backing. They measure 23x 36 Inches and comes with 12 bed pads per pack. You can use this product on couches, chairs, beds and the car. They are also latex free and absorbent.I highly recommend this product!

Great absorbency

These pads provide a lot of absorbency and they are leakproof. They carb all the liquid and the textured bottom keeps the liquid where it needs to stay. They are a good size and work well.

Joseph S.S.
Great product

I got these for a relative who was coming to stay and recovering from a surgery that caused some unexpected continence issue. These chucks fit very nicely on a twin size bed almost covering side to side, and they worked incredibly well. I worked in a nursing home setting for several years when I was younger, and these are 10 times netter than the chucks I remember using back then.They are soft so there is no crinkling plastic noise to embarrass the user, and comfortable when in contact with skin. They are very absorbent and did not leak. Staying in place did not seem to be a problem, and they did not bunch up and fold under the user while they slept. The person who needed them was so impressed with these chucks we ordered more and sent them to their home so they would be there after the flight back. It is nice when a product does what it is designed to do so well that it lessens any awkward feelings towards the product and allows discussion about it with less embarrassment.I used the leftover pads to help teach my dog how to go on a disposable surface while indoors. Once again very absorbent.My overall opinion of ProHeal Premium Disposable Chucks is positive and i would definitely recommend them to for many uses including dog training. If I ever need these for myself, I know what brand I will be buying.

Southwest C.
I had hoped these would be like the ones in the hospital. No.

I got these for mom who is elderly and recovering from hip surgery. I loved the chucks at the hospital that were large and strong enough to move her up the bed. These are a little smaller than the hospital ones and thinker. I was looking for the gold=standard and these are okay.

Momma B.
Good absorption

These chux surprised me. They don't have a plastic backing, so I fully expected the liquid to go right through. In fact, I was shocked when it didn't. So, these do absorb very well. And they worked well with my mother's low air loss mattress. These are a little pricey for how many you get, but they do work well, so I suppose it's a trade-off. The size is my main concern. I prefer a 36x36 pad, so these are a little small, but they do work, so it's a reasonable value.

L P.
If used for the right indications you will love it!

If used for the right indications you will love it!I do wound care, and we use Chuck’s underneath the feet or legs constantly so I was looking forward to trying this. I’ll start off by saying these pads are huge! And they are thicker than the typical chucks you would find in the hospital or doctors office. That being said, they hold a ton of fluid! You get 12 to a pack and for the size and absorbency of these pads I find that to be a fair value. But take a look at the measurements and make sure this is a size in absorbency that you need and you will love it. For wound care, only useful if we’re doing a lot of irrigating. But for home care and protecting a loved one with a bladder or bowel problem, you’ll love it!

Brenda B.C.B.C.
Latex free

I use these for my father in law who is bedridden from a stroke and has some accidents with his adult diaper leaking. These have worked great at absorbing liquids and keeping the bed clean. They are cloth like on both sides so they don’t make him hot or any sounds with his movement. They are latex free which is another bonus as latex caused him some irritation. A bit pricey for 12 Ct package but they work well.

fast absorbing

These disposable underpads work great. They are fast absorbing and keep the area clean and sanitized. It is east to clean and toss after each use. The 12 pack is great for elderly who experience accidents. Each pad is 23x36 and provide great coverage for accidents and fast and easy clean up

Not for large amounts of liquid

Description states can be used overnight for large amounts of liquid. Nope. Maybe if you were using this pad in conjunction with an absorbent diaper, it might catch any extra moisture. It’ll absorb sweat and maybe protect from dirt, lotions and creams from getting on sheets or a chair but it doesn’t hold any liquid well. Think of it as a towel, yes towels are absorbent but if you spill liquid, you need to immediately change that towel or the liquid will soak through. This pad is similar.