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Who Should Use a Pommel Wheelchair Cushion? - ProHeal-Products

Who Should Use a Pommel Wheelchair Cushion?

If you have recently been fitted for a wheelchair, or if your current cushion isn't providing the comfort and support it should, you may want to consider purchasing a pommel wheelchair cushion.


Previously we've written an overview of 7 different types of wheelchair cushions and a specific post discussing coccyx cushions, now it's time to talk pommel.


These wheelchair cushions are designed to provide superior pressure relief and correct hip alignment in wheelchairs. It is especially beneficial for those with spinal cord injuries or other medical conditions that require them to sit in their wheelchair for long periods of time.


The pommel cushion is also beneficial for those who experience pain or discomfort in their lower back and hips. The pommel cushion helps to keep the patient's weight evenly distributed, providing a stable sitting surface that reduces pressure points and improves comfort.


What are the benefits and features of a pommel cushion?


The pommel cushion is designed to help reduce the risk of adduction or internal rotation contracture while limiting forward sliding in the wheelchair.  This helps improve posture and prevents slouching or forward sliding.


Additionally, pommel cushions come in foam or gel-infused foam varieties. The foam options provide great comfort while still providing support, while the gel-infused foam provides a more durable cushioning material that is great for longer periods of sitting and pressure redistribution.


Who would benefit from such a seat cushion?


Anyone who uses a wheelchair can benefit from the pommel cushion. Whether you’re an elderly person, a teenager in a wheelchair due to an accident, or any other condition, pommel cushions can provide comfort and stability while sitting in your wheelchair. They are especially recommended for those who experience pain or discomfort in their lower back and hips due to prolonged wheelchair use.


The pommel cushion is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a comfortable and supportive cushion while in their wheelchair. Its design helps promote proper hip positioning, reduce pressure points, and improve posture — all of which can make your time in the chair more comfortable and enjoyable.


Buy a ProHeal wheelchair cushion today


ProHeal has many wheelchair cushions, from pommel cushions to coccyx and wedge cushions. We have sizes for everyone, both standard and bariatric. And lastly, our line of seat cushions includes both foam and gel-infused foam options.





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