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Find the Right Fall Mat for Your Patients: Bed Alarm For Dementia Patients Add-On - ProHeal-Products

Find the Right Fall Mat for Your Patients: Bed Alarm For Dementia Patients Add-On

Dementia patients are prone to fall out of bed, which can cause serious injury. A bed alarm for dementia patients is a device that alerts caregivers when a patient falls out of bed. This allows them to respond quickly and prevent any further injuries.


Two types of fall mats are commonly used with bed alarms: beveled edge mats and soft foam mats. Each type has its own benefits and drawbacks, so it's important to find the right one for your patients. This blog post will discuss the difference between vinyl polymer beveled edge mats and soft foam mats and explain which type of fall mat is best for protecting your patients.

Beveled Edge Fall Mat

Beveled edge mats are made of a vinyl polymer material and are designed to provide maximum safety for dementia patients. They have beveled edges that provide a 0.7" low profile, helping ease equipment access and lessening the possibility of stumbling on the perimeter rail. This type of mat also has a textured surface which helps to provide extra traction and reduce the risk of slipping. The material is waterproof and easy to clean, making it ideal for use in humid environments or bathrooms.


Additionally, ProHeal beveled edge fall mat has an elegant design to match your home's décor, and it comes in three colors, grey, maroon, and brown.


Soft Foam Mats


Soft foam mats are made of soft yet durable material and designed to help protect patients from falls. They provide extra cushioning for those suffering from fragile bones or weak joints. These fall mats are manufactured from specially cured high-density impact-resistant foam that will protect your hospital or home care bed.


ProHeal has two types of foam fall mats that are super easy to store, bi-fold and tri-fold.


Finding the Right Fall Mat


Choosing a fall mat to use alongside a bed alarm for the elderly depends on several factors, such as patient needs, environment type, price, and storage space. Beveled edge mats are better for those looking for an elegant design, waterproof material, and a low-profile edge. Soft foam mats are best suited to those who need extra cushioning, such as elderly patients or those with fragile bones or weak joints.


ProHeal offers both types of fall mats, so you can choose the one that best fits your patient’s needs. Visit ProHeal's website to find the right fall mat for your patients today!






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