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Bed Alarms For Dementia Patients - ProHeal-Products

Bed Alarms For Dementia Patients

There's good reason to fear fall-related accidents by seniors, individuals with dementia, and mobile-restricted people. Whether willingly or unwillingly, they might attempt to egress from their bed, stand up from their chair, lose their balance, and fall. This can result in severe injuries and setbacks in their recovery and health. That is why bed alarms for dementia patients and bed alarms for seniors are integral to their monitoring and safety. 

But with so many bed alarms for the elderly, it can be difficult to discern where to begin. What features should you be looking for? Should you purchase a magnet alarm or motion sensor? And lastly, which brand should you choose? 

Below, we will do a deep dive into bed alarms for home use to provide the information you need to assist you in your search. Then, we will suggest some ProHeal bed alarms for you to consider buying. Although we might be biased (but I can assure you we're not), ProHeal's bed alarms for adults are the best beds for dementia patients. 


Bed Alarm for Dementia Patients

Dementia bed alarms provide real-time care for caregivers and loved ones. Attached to a bed, chair, or floor sensor, the alarm notifies the caregiver if the patient is trying to move unwittingly out of their bed or chair. In general, there are two types of fall-prevention bed alarms:

  1. Motion Sensor Alarm sounds when the weight is shifted or applied to the sensor pad. 
  2. The magnet Alarm sounds when the patient pulls away from the alarm, disconnecting the magnet attached to the alarm.

Both bed alarms have their benefits, depending on the scenario to decide which is best for you. 


Magnet Bed Alarms:  Designed with an easy-to-use pull-string monitor, the magnet bed alarm for dementia patients activates as the patient pulls away. An alarm sounds when the magnetic seal is broken between the dementia bed alarm and the magnet. False alarms are prevented as they are crafted with an adjustable cord length to allow patients to reposition in their bed or chair.

At ProHeal, we have basic and advanced models of magnet fall-prevention bed alarms. The advanced model is equipped with flashing visual alerts for advanced notification to caregivers.


Motion Sensor Bed Alarms: The motion sensor alarms activate as the patient lifts off the sensor pad for the bed. The ProHeal system is unrivaled in its reliability and accuracy in protecting the well-being of the patients who use it. False alarms are prevented with these devices for the elderly as the alarm ceases when pressure is reapplied, or the belt is re-buckled. These bed alarms for seniors have a 2-second delay option.

We sell four different models in the Motion Sensor Alarm family: 

  1. Basic Motion Sensor Alarm
  2. Advanced Alarm that is equipped with flashing visual alerts for advanced notification to caregivers.
  3. Advanced Alarm that is also equipped with nurse bell compatibility.
  4. All-In-One system that incorporates both magnet and sensor alarms, providing unrivaled safety. 

All of our motion sensor bed alarms for the elderly are compatible with all major manufacture's sensors.



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