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Alarms for elderly dementia patients are a crucial tool in keeping them safe and secure. These alarms can alert caretakers or family members when a patient wanders off or needs assistance. 


Bed Alarm

Our bed alarms are specially designed for elderly dementia patients who may wander or fall out of bed. Our alarms are easy to install and can be used on any type of bed. They're equipped with a motion sensor that triggers the alarm when the patient moves or tries to get out of bed. The alarms are loud enough to alert caregivers, but not too loud to disturb the patient. The alarms are also designed with a snooze button that allows the patient to temporarily silence the alarm if needed. With its discreet design, the bed alarm is a practical and effective solution for ensuring the safety of elderly dementia patients.

Chair Sensor Pad

The Monitoring Chair Sensor Pad is an essential tool for caregivers and family members of dementia patients. It provides added safety and peace of mind, allowing for better care and quality of life for loved ones.

Bed Sensor Pad

Our Elderly Monitoring Bed Sensor Pad is a simple and effective way to keep an eye on the safety and well-being of elderly loved ones. This sensor pad is designed to be placed under a mattress or other bedding, and it is capable of detecting the presence of a person in the bed.

Floor Sensor Pad

At 20" x 30", this sensor pad is large enough to cover a wide area, and it is lightweight and discreet, making it a practical and unobtrusive solution for elderly monitoring. Keep your loved ones safe and secure with our Elderly Monitoring Floor Sensor Pad. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a sensor pad and an alarm? 

Yes, each one of our alarms works with our sensor pad but is needed to work properly. 

Are These Only for Dementia Patients?

No, our alarms are for anyone that needs a little more help. 

How Fast do you Ship? 

We pride ourselves on our fast shipping times. Any product over $50 can be expected to deliver within 3-5 business days some even deliver within 2 days!