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Why Should You Use Alternating Air Cushion? - ProHeal-Products

Why Should You Use Alternating Air Cushion?

Alternating air cushions are ideal for people who need more support and comfort than a traditional cushion can provide. The alternating pressure system helps to reduce the risk of developing bedsores, as it reduces pressure on the skin. It also helps to improve blood circulation and promote healing by allowing air to circulate through the cushion. Additionally, because of its alternating air bladders, alternating air cushions provide sciatica pain relief by helping to distribute one’s body weight evenly. This can help reduce the constant pressure on your spine and pressure points that can worsen sciatica nerve pain.


What is the difference between alternating air cushions and regular wheelchair cushions?


Alternating air cushions are designed to be much more effective than a standard wheelchair cushion. The alternating air bladders help to redistribute pressure, providing support and comfort throughout the day. The alternating air cushions use an advanced air pump system that helps to prevent bed sores and keep your skin healthy. Furthermore, alternating air cushions provide better sciatica pain relief than regular wheelchair cushions due to the alternating air bladders that provide continuous pressure redistribution.


How do alternating pressure cushions treat and prevent bed sores?


Alternating air cushions use alternating pressure bladders to treat and prevent bed sores. This alternating pressure helps to keep your skin healthy by redistributing your body weight across your entire seat area. Additionally, alternating air cushions help to improve blood circulation by allowing air to circulate freely throughout the cushion. This helps to prevent bedsores from forming and allows for faster healing if any already exist.


ProHeal's Alternating Wheelchair Cushions

Uniquely designed, our alternating wheelchair cushion contains three alternating cycle times, 10, 15, or 20 min, five comfort settings, and a static pad function. The chair pad's rechargeable pump can last 12 hours with continuous operation.


Combining the perfect balance of gel and foam, our alternating air cushion is enhanced with a foam top layer that offers the latest in gel-infused memory foam technology, providing added pressure redistribution and cushioned comfort.


Buy one today, or browse our wheelchair cushion catalog.



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