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Medacure Bed: Comfort and Support for All Patients - ProHeal-Products

Medacure Bed: Comfort and Support for All Patients

Medacure Beds are designed with the patient's comfort and safety in mind. These hospital beds are electric or semi-electric, allowing for quick and easy maneuvering and repositioning of the patient. They also feature adjustable heights, side-to-side tilt angles, headrests, and other ergonomic features that can be tailored to the patient's individual needs.


These beds are designed to reduce manual labor for hospital staff, making it easier to move and reposition patients as needed. This reduces the time spent transferring or moving a patient and ensures that the patient is comfortable throughout their hospital stay. Additionally, the beds are designed with safety features such as guardrails to ensure the patient's security while in bed.


Adjustable Heights and position

Medacure Beds are designed with adjustable heights and tilt angles, allowing for quick and easy adjustment to the patient's preferred sleeping or sitting position. The bed can be elevated to allow for more effortless transfer from a wheelchair to the bed or can be lowered to make it easier for caretakers to help patients out of bed. Additionally, these beds feature side-to-side tilting angles that can be adjusted for the patient's comfort.


Ergonomic Features

The ergonomic features of these hospital beds for home or medical facilities are designed to make it easier for medical personnel, caretakers, and patients alike. The bed can be tailored to each patient's needs with adjustable heights, tilt angles, and headrests. Additionally, they feature guardrails to ensure safety and security while in bed. Some beds also have a low profile design that makes maneuvering around other furniture or equipment in the room easier.


Their ergonomic features make them ideal for providing comfort and security to patients while allowing medical personnel to move and reposition the patient efficiently. With these features, patients have more control over their positioning and level of comfort, making it easier for hospital staff to provide quality care.


Hospital Bed with Rails

These beds are equipped with half-rails and full-rails, offering patients security. Half-rail beds have two guard rails on each side that can be lifted up or down, depending on the patient's mobility. Full-rail beds come with guard rails that extend the entire bed length and are ideal for those who need more assistance staying in bed or require closer monitoring.


Half-rail beds give the patient enough freedom to get up and move around when needed, while full-rails offer greater security and support. Both guardrails are designed to safely keep the patient in bed while providing enough freedom of movement to remain comfortable and secure.



In conclusion, hospital beds are an essential part of the healthcare system, and Medacure Beds provide a great solution for providing comfort and security to patients. They offer electric and semi-electric options that feature adjustable heights and tilt angles, headrests, guardrails, and other ergonomic features tailored to each patient. With half-rail and full-rail beds available, medical staff can ensure that the patient is secure in their bed without limiting their mobility. These beds provide an excellent option for providing comfort and security to patients while minimizing the need for frequent repositioning or transfers.


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