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Almohadillas absorbentes pesadas Chucks 23 x 36


Almohadillas absorbentes pesadas Chucks 23 x 36

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Las almohadillas absorbentes pesadas Chucks est√°n dise√Īadas para la incontinencia severa y brindan la m√°xima protecci√≥n para camas, sillas y otras superficies. Estas almohadillas est√°n hechas con una capa superior suave no tejida que es suave con la piel y una capa inferior impermeable que evita que las fugas y los derrames lleguen a sus muebles o pisos.

El n√ļcleo absorbente est√° hecho de un pol√≠mero altamente absorbente que puede contener hasta 32 onzas de l√≠quido, lo que lo hace ideal para usar durante la noche o durante per√≠odos prolongados. Las almohadillas tambi√©n est√°n dise√Īadas con un relleno de pelusa que proporciona una absorci√≥n adicional y ayuda a distribuir el l√≠quido de manera uniforme en toda la almohadilla.

Estas almohadillas est√°n disponibles en una variedad de tama√Īos, que incluyen 23" x 36", 30" x 36" y 36" x 36", lo que las hace perfectas para usar en camas gemelas, matrimoniales, queen y king. Tambi√©n son livianos y f√°ciles de plegar, lo que los hace f√°ciles de transportar y almacenar.

Las almohadillas absorbentes pesadas Chucks son desechables y se pueden desechar fácilmente después de su uso. También son seguros para usar con todo tipo de detergentes para ropa y se pueden lavar y secar a máquina para volver a usarlos.

En general, las almohadillas absorbentes pesadas Chucks son una excelente opción para cualquier persona que necesite una gran absorción y protección para sus camas, sillas y otras superficies. Son duraderos, absorbentes y fáciles de usar, lo que los convierte en la opción ideal para cualquier persona que padezca incontinencia.

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    Protecci√≥n de triple capa: l√°mina superior blanca no tejida, n√ļcleo de pelusa y poli√©ster, y l√°mina posterior de polipropileno beige. Mide 23" x 36". Embalado en un paquete discreto sin marcar, perfecto para uso dom√©stico y personal. Disponible en suministros a granel de 15, 75 y 150 unidades para centros m√©dicos, centros para personas mayores o atenci√≥n domiciliaria.

    Estas almohadillas impermeables para cama son perfectas para personas mayores, adultos, madres posparto o ni√Īos que sufren de incontinencia, enuresis nocturna y m√°s. Estos son protectores interiores perfectos, almohadillas de maternidad o almohadillas port√°tiles para cambiar pa√Īales para beb√©s.

    Mant√©n alejados los malos olores con una capa intermedia de pelusa que neutraliza el pH de la orina para reducir los malos olores. La almohadilla est√° dise√Īada para absorber la humedad y mantener la piel fresca y seca para evitar erupciones e irritaci√≥n de la piel.

    Proteja las camas y colchones de su hogar u hospital, sillones, sofás, sillas y otros muebles con estas almohadillas para orinar para adultos. La almohadilla mantiene un perfil bajo y puede mantenerse discreta a pesar de su amplia capacidad de absorción.

    No solo son √ļtiles como mandriles para hombres y mujeres, sino que tambi√©n son √ļtiles como almohadillas para orinar para perros o almohadillas para adiestramiento de mascotas. Estas almohadillas para orina de perro absorben la orina y el olor para que entrenar a tu mascota no haga que tu casa huela.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 30 reviews
    So many uses! Good for the Pet Pad also

    I have used these on a bed when hubby was out of surgery. The pads are large enough, however, I needed to tape them down a bit so they would hold on the bed without messing up too much. They are lighter but do offer any protection. As a pee pad for my little mixed dog, she can use the pad at least three times and not have any leakage. Nice pad, good absorption, quality and good size.

    Amazon C.
    Big help

    Great for bed and vehicle seats when traveling

    Deborah P.
    Use for my 93 year old mother in law.

    We got these to use for my mother in law who's 93. She has incontinence issues. She doesn't like to leave her home because of it. We got these to use in our car seat for her. When she comes to visit we put them in the seat and then bring them inside for the chair she sits in. They are plenty big to cover a chair seat and tuck down into the sides. That helps keep them in place. They do keep any urine from getting absorbed in the fabric. Comes with a nice amount of 15. They are pretty thick and easily disposable.

    Charly B.
    Large pads, fair absorbency, price is okay too, doesn't do any odor locking

    I used these for our dog as training pads. While the page does speak about using them for dogs and absorbency, it's not too bad in that category. However, it does not lock in smells. There's supposed to be a odor lock with a polymer core or filling. I didn't notice any difference in odor compared to my other pads without any advertised odor lock. Pricing wise these are quite a big more than some of the smaller, more well known Glad training pads. You could use two of those to equal more than the size of just one of these so price doesn't exactly scale up right but I get that. You pay for a larger single, unbroken piece. However, I can't really justify getting this larger one without any odor lock.

    Helps product bed and furniture from leaks

    This is a disposable product that helps with incontinent accidents protecting the bed or other areas where you don't want leaks to stain. They are very absorbent and does a good job.

    Lee L.

    Nice size. Will purchase again.

    Amazon C.
    Little small

    Did not like product

    Brenda B.C.

    These are a large 23x36 size, perfect for diaper changes. They are filled with a loose cotton fill and absorbent for small accidents. The fabric layer does tear easily so I do t think it would be good to sleep on.

    Good size!

    These can be used as doggie potty pads. They are very absorbant and thick. They do not leak and are the perfect size.

    Nice and Thick

    In most cases, I've found that the thicker, fluffier type of pad seems to be more effective. And trust me I've tried nearly every brand there is.These are quite good although a bit on the pricey side. But then again you pay for that nice thickness.They absorb well, and don't leak unless something is too close to the edge. I don't shake them to get them to unfold all the way, it can dislodge the fluffy interior.