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What is an Overbed Table?

An overbed table is a versatile and convenient piece of furniture that is designed to be used over a bed. It is typically used in hospitals and other medical facilities, where patients may spend extended periods of time in bed and require a surface for various activities. Overbed tables are also commonly used in home settings for individuals who are bedridden or have limited mobility.

Overbed tables are often used in combination with hospital beds, as they provide a convenient surface for patients to eat, read, and perform other activities. They can also be used as a surface for medical equipment or devices. For example, a patient may use an overbed table to hold a ventilator or other medical device.

While overbed tables are primarily used in medical settings, their versatility makes them suitable for other applications as well. For example, they can be used in home offices or other workspaces as an alternative to traditional office desks. The adjustable height and angle of the table surface make it easy to find a comfortable working position, and the table can be easily moved out of the way when not in use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are These Only for over a bed?

No, these are great as a side table or a desk for your office. Add height and roll around with our overbed tables. 

Do you Sell Incontinence Supplies? 

Yes, we sell wipes, briefs, underpads, feminine pad protectors, skin lotions, and gloves. So yes, we have everything you need to keep your home stocked. 

How Fast do you Ship? 

We pride ourselves on our fast shipping times. Any product over $50 can be expected to deliver within 3-5 Business days FREE, and some even deliver within 2 days!