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Steel Bathtub Grab Bar

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The Steel Bathtub Grab Bar is a great safety option for anyone using a tub. The durable steel construction ensures it can withstand the weight of any user while providing stability and balance when entering or leaving the tub. The grab bar also comes with non-slip rubber grips to provide extra security and grip in wet conditions. It easily attaches to any bathtub surface without the need for hardware or tools. With its easy installation, this steel bathtub grab bar acts as a reliable support system that leaves you feeling secure in your bathing experience.
  • Tub grab bar has a step-through clamp design that provides an unobstructed entry/exit path for better hand positioning
  • Tool-free installation with pads that won't mar tub surface


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1 - Year Warranty
  • Adjusts to fit tubs 2-3/4" to 6-1/4" (7-16 cm)
  • Weight Capacity: 250 lb

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Fretta M.
This is the best purchase you will ever make.

I bought this exact Medline grab bar for the side of my tub at least 30, maybe 40 years ago. I installed it myself and it has remained in the exact same spot all these years. It did start to loose paint and form rust on the inside a few years ago but not more than I could live with. Unfortunately a few days ago I noticed it had slipped up from its desired position. I loosened the big nut and put it back where it should be. A few days later it slipped up again. I noticed that one of the pads looked crushed and was preparing to attempt a repair but my Grandson saw me and said no! He promised to order me a new one. I have to say, "After all those years in the same spot on my tub this Medline Grab Bar did not leave one scratch or mark on my tub! Unbelievable!" I did have to clean where it had been but that was easily done and that spot matches the rest of my tub. I sure hope my Grandson ordered me a Medline.

very supportive

I am pleased I purchased these excellent products

joelyn Smith
Easily installed

Bought the pair for a senior friend of mine. She loves them. Has no more falls in the tub. Thank heavens! Easily installed

Pat Neil
Five Stars

The grab bars have been a life saver!

Physical Health aid

Got 2 for the price of one. Gave it as a gift for my 83 y.o. Mom she love them.