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 At ProHeal Products, we make getting your incontinence products easier than ever with Set It & Save, our hassle-free reorder program. With Set It & Save you can set up automatic deliveries of the products you need at the times you want. 

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Adult Diapers

Protective diapers allow you to continue engaging in the daily activities you enjoy, without letting incontinence struggles hold you back. Daytime adult pull-up diapers provide the absorbency and protection you need while easily sliding on and off. Adult diapers with tabs allow for a contoured fit and keep the diaper secure and in place. Adult diapers with tabs are an ideal solution for anyone who experiences incontinence and can't stand which makes pull-ups a difficult task to put on.

Underpads/ Chucks

Chucks or Underpads are used as a measure of protection when leakage occurs. By preventing the need to replace damaged furniture or mattresses, and consistently rewashing bedding, Chucks save a great deal of effort and money and make them a worthwhile investment.


Dry WipesWet Wipes can be used to cleanse the skin, clean a mess, or refresh the body. They offer caregivers and individuals a convenient, easy-to-use solution for personal hygiene routines. If your loved one experiences a urine or bowel void, the sooner you can clean it up, the less likely they are to experience skin irritations.

Pads & Protectors

With a range of light to maximum absorbency levels, liners for incontinence are ideal for active, independent individuals with occasional or light urinary incontinence, as well as those with very light fecal incontinence.

What is Wearable Protection?

Wearable protection is the first line of defense when it comes to incontinence management. For inactive or heavily incontinent patients, try our adult diapers with tabs for excellent absorbency and leakage protection throughout the day or night. If you’re looking for better comfort and discretion, try absorbent reusable or disposable adult pull-ups, which pull on and off like normal underwear. Individuals with lower levels of urinary incontinence should choose from our variety of bladder control pads and incontinence liners, which can be worn inside normal underwear.

Best Incontinence Products

ProHeal Products works to ensure that people are able to get the best incontinence products available. Which incontinence supplies brands manufacture the best products? This is a question frequently asked by seniors who require bladder leak protection. There are many manufacturers, and also a variety of factors that determine which incontinence products are the best.

Some people may need plus-size incontinence products. When this is the case, one may have a difficult time finding such an item in stores. Others may suffer from light bladder leakage, and thus need some good protection against that. 

Stress can cause a need for maximum absorbency incontinence products, especially in older adults.

Overnight leakage can be very uncomfortable. Often, a person will require incontinence products that are more absorbent. Some will even choose to use a combination of several incontinence products at the same time, to ensure maximum leak prevention.

Adult Incontinence Products: Features to Look for 

Before shopping for incontinence products, it is important to find out which features will be important for your needs, and which products will be best for you. 

Incontinence Product Types

When incontinence is an issue, soiling the furniture, bedding or wheelchair is an issue, too. Keep your home clean and dry with chucks of every size and absorbency level. 

We also carry waterproof mattress covers to keep your mattresses stain-free and dry. Check out our waterproof mattress covers.

Visit our skin care page, to protect yourself from rashes

Frequently Asked Questions

Many users have a lot of questions regarding Hospital Beds & Mattresses for the home. 

Are there Adul Diapers for Women and Adul Diapers for Men?

Women-specific diapers and Male-specific diapers differ from each other make sure to look at the specifications of each diaper before purchasing to make sure it's right for you. 

Can adults wear pulls ups?

Yes. Pull-ups are designed to provide maximum absorbency and can be especially helpful for adults who experience moderate to heavy incontinence. They are also often more comfortable than traditional underwear, as they do not have tight elastic bands that can dig into the skin. For adults with mobility issues, check out our line of diapers with tabs.

Are Hospital Mattresses Waterproof? 

Waterproof hospital mattresses are absolutely necessary. Adding underpads for incontinence helps but isn't the total solution. ProHeal Products offers a selection of top-of-the-line mattresses that are waterproof

How Fast do you Ship? 

We pride ourselves on our fast shipping times. Any product over $50 can be expected to deliver within 3-5 Business days FREE, and some even deliver within 2 days!