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Canes & Crutches

Medical canes and crutches offer support to help users maintain balance or have access to a bit of extra stability so the user can keep weight off of a certain leg. Canes come in all different types, shapes, sizes, and even feature varying handles. Some canes even feature additional capabilities, such as the ability to fold, in order to remain compact when a person isn’t actively walking with it.

How to Choose a Cane Handle

There are plenty of options when it comes to finding the right handle that can aid you with your grip, balance, and medical condition. Most cane handles won’t greatly affect the cane’s prices. Here are some very popular cane handles that people often choose from.

Offset Handle 

Offset handles are extremely popular. They allow users to distribute their weight evenly along the shaft down to the tip of the walking cane. 

Crook Handles

Crook-handled canes are popular among many users. They feature a traditional, standard curved handle that has been around since the early years of walking canes. 


T-Handle canes, are a popular commodity among arthritic users since it allows you to hold them with a comfortable grip. At the same time, they prove impressively ergonomic. 


Whether you're choosing a wheelchairwalker, or you just need a wheelchair cushion you can find the products that fit your needs at ProHeal Products. We carry the best supplies from the best brands such as Medacure, Pride Mobility, and ProHeal. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Many users have a lot of questions regarding Hospital Beds & Mattresses for the home. 


Do I Need a Wheelchair Cushion? 

Wheelchair cushions provide extra padding that keeps the user happy and comfortable. 

Should I Get a Wheelchair Alarms for Dementia Patients? 

Using a chair sensor pad or all-in-one alarm can keep your patient or loved one safe from falling or walking away. 

How Fast do you Ship? 

We pride ourselves on our fast shipping times. Any product over $50 can be expected to deliver within 3-5 Business days FREE, and some even deliver within 2 days!